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Design-Assist Energy Modeling
  • An agile simulation capable of informing relative effects on energy given design decisions
  • Ideal for projects just starting up or currently in schematic phase
  • Allows for feedback on design and product considerations
Validation Modeling
  • A robust simulation which more accurately predicts energy use
  • Complete energy documentation used for projects aiming to achieve green building certifications such as LEED or BERDE
  • Allows design teams to validate their design decisions by providing owners with savings
Green Visioning / Sustainability Planning
  • Provide the groundwork for the sustainability plan and will allow the owner to explore the possibilities of their development
  • Intensive Sustainability Workshop covers sites, water, energy, materials and indoor quality
  • A simple black box energy model will be used to inform design decisions
  • Potential LEED Scorecard will be generated
  • Form concrete design or construction strategies to achieve green building goals
  • Sustainability Masterplan Document
LEED Consulting
  • LEED project management from beginning of the project up to certification
  • Includes consulting on design, construction and operations as they relate to LEED credits and prerequisites
  • Create, compile and submit documentation to the US Green Building Council for project certification


ASHRAE Level 1 Walk-Through Analysis
  • Rapid assessment of building energy systems
  • Energy benchmarking
  • High level studies identifying energy system optimization opportunities
ASHRAE Level 2 Building Energy Audit
  • Detailed building survey of system and operations
  • Breakdown of energy end uses
  • Identification of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) with savings and costs
  • Identify operational adjustments and energy discrepancies
  • Outline priorities for 1 to 5 years of possible upgrades which would yield the most benefits
ASHRAE Level 3 Building Energy Audit
  • Longer data collection phase
  • Whole-building computer simulation calibrated with field measurements
  • Accurate modeling of ECMs proposed and cost estimates
  • Investment-grade energy audit with decision making support
  • Ideal for older buildings looking at capital intensive upgrades
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