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Waterproofing and energy saving capabilities of TOPPS reflective roof paint.
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Reducing heat on roofing topps product philippines

04 Nov Instead Of Getting A New Roof, Why Not Enhance It?

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Roofs are one of the essential parts of a shelter or building since it provides protection from typhoons and the harmful rays of the sun. Weather phenomena such as these make roofs more vulnerable to wear and tear. If poor quality roofing materials were used, the roof would be easily prone to leaks; making maintenance costs burdensome to the building owner. Given this, putting a good amount of investment for the roof can pay off great in the long run.

GreenSolutions is a proud distributor of green roof materials. Its main product line is TOPPS, a reflective coating for roof restoration and water leak prevention. It also has elastomeric and water-free characteristics that is applicable for industrial, commercial and residential roof buildings.

TOPPS is a one of a kind roof coating because it has superb waterproofing capabilities (TOPPS products are lab-tested by experts in the US). Its main characteristic of being a solvent-based coating makes it a superior product in terms of waterproofing. It has 0.18 perms, as opposed to the standard water-based coating with 50 perms. The life of the roof would also further extend given its 850% elongation and strength of 12 N/mm2, compared to 100% elongation and 1.09 N/mm2 strength of other leading brands.

TOPPS proves to be not only durable, but also energy saving. The white coating of TOPPS can increase the solar reflectivity of the roof by up to 88% compared to a standard gray roof which is just around 40%. This means a cooler temperature for the roof which can also reduce the cooling load of the air conditioning system in the building. In one of our samples, we used a temperature gun to quantify the temperature difference between a normal roof and the one with TOPPS. The picture below shows a temperature difference of as much as 13.6 °C during noon time upon application of TOPPS.

TOPPS products are certified Energy Star which indicate that it meets the standard of energy efficiency in the US. It is best applied for buildings wherein air conditioning systems are a big portion of their electricity bills. In a retail store in Tennessee, TOPPS was applied to the 1,487 sqm. building, and the resulting energy savings amounted to as much as 24.5%. In a church in Florida, the 2,508 sqm. building incurred an energy savings of 14.4% upon application of the reflective roof paint*.

Imagine if you can get a waterproofing for your roof and at the same time it makes the building more energy efficient. Imagine no more, since TOPPS products are here for your roofing needs.

Gerard Lorenz Maandal

Gelo Maandal is a licensed Mechanical Engineer and a LEED Green Associate who graduated at the University of the Philippines - Diliman with degrees on BS Mechanical Engineering and MS Energy Engineering. He is currently passionate about high performance green buildings, energy efficiency, and wind energy. Unbeknownst to many, he loves collecting vinyl figures especially the characters from the Avengers. In graduate school, he likes to prank his students by pretending to be one of them.

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