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The first step in realising a sustainable development vision is our Blue Skies Meeting with the owner/developer. This initial step will provide the groundwork for the sustainability plan and will allow the owner to explore the possibilities of his development.


    • We will discuss the goal for the building/development.
    • What are their priorities?
    • Are there and big concerns or considerations?
    • We will explore the possibilities with the site and its context.
    • We will set tangible measurable targets in order to achieve their goals.
    • Owner to provide relevant project details. May or may not be with the Architect


The next step is to gather the project team in an intensive Sustainability Workshop. This would ideally involve representatives from all stakeholders in addition to the consultants and general contractor. This workshop will be lead and moderated by GreenSolutions.


  • We will relay the owner’s desires and our preliminary recommendations
  • Together with the team, we will explore possibilities of synergies between systems
  • A simple black box energy model will be used to inform design decisions
  • If LEED is a priority, a preliminary LEED Scorecard will be generated. For projects aiming other rating systems, their respective scorecards will also be generated.
  • The team will form concrete design or construction strategies as well as assign responsible parties to each of these


In order to capture the owner’s project requirements and the design response from the consultant team, a Sustainability Masterplan Document will be created for the project. GreenSolutions will provide this single document which contains


  • the owner’s goals and vision for the project
  • the design team’s response and responsibilities
  • defined targets for energy, water, materials and quality of space
  • LEED or other rating system scorecard

For LEED Projects

This GreenVisioning exercise contributes to one 1 LEED point under LEED v4. GreenSolutions will provide all relevant documentation and sign off on the LEED Online Forms for Integrative Design Practices. In addition, GreenSolutions will also provide the Owner Project Requirements and Basis of Design document which are required as part LEED’s Commissioning Prerequisite.

LEED and Living Building Challenge Consulting Services

Green building rating systems provide a third-party guideline in classifying a project as a green building. It provides validation and recognizes projects that are able to achieve specific levels of performance. GreenSolutions is prepared to provide both Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Living Building Challenge (LBC) consulting services.

  • Provide technical guidance to the project team including education for the owner, design team, construction team and operations.
  • Facilitate and manage the LEED/LBC certification process in a strategic and systematic
  • Review and assist team members in creating clear documentation for LEED/LBC
  • Be the single point of contact for the certification bodies: Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) or International Living Future Institute (ILFI)

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