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  • 01_homehydro1

    Running off the River

    Last June 2019, the Luzon grid was recently placed under red alert status, meaning that the available energy supply was only just enough for the peak ...

  • Wind 1

    Harnessing The Winds

    Within the ASEAN, the Philippines has risen to the top when it comes to wind power generation. Measures such as the feed-in-tariff (FIT) have contribu...

  • Solar 1

    Sun’s Out, Energy’s In

    In line with the current growth of renewables in the country, we would like to kickstart this blog series by talking about solar energy. Out of all th...

  • Energy Audit 2

    Accounting for Energy Consumption

    Whenever we look into a problem, it is important to break down the components as to see its details. With this in mind, the concept of systems thinkin...

  • Renewable energy 1

    The Lowdown on Renewable Energy

    With the increasing effects from climate change, people are turning towards renewables to help alleviate this phenomenon. From a local perspective, th...


    Keeping Cool with Reflective Roofs

    In the previous blog, we mentioned a more cost-effective solution in tackling the Heat Island Effect phenomenon. Aside from greening your roof with pl...

  • Heat Urban Island 2

    Taking The Heat In Rapid Development

    With the “Build, Build, Build” program of the current administration, Metro Manila has seen a trend of rapid urbanization over the past 3 years. New c...

  • Sechelt Hospital - Perkins+Will / Farrow

    The Challenge Of Building Sustainably

    For the first blog of 2019, we would like to reopen the discussion of regenerative design as a kick start for the upcoming WORLDBEX convention. The Ph...

  • LWL03

    Bringing a Dead Lake Back to Life

    The project was to create a building for Laurentian University to study the lake water as well as the surrounding areas. The facility was to house res...

  • Regenerative

    Can the building industry start doing good instead of less harm?

      We’ve been quite busy in the last few weeks spreading our passion about green buildings! In the beginning of September we were at the 14th Gree...

  • busy 6

    There Must be a Better Way – Crafting a Green Solution

      In the last few weeks, we’ve been discussing broad ideas in the context of sustainability. In this post, I’d like to share a more detailed case...

  • quantifying-carbon

    Quantifying Carbon Emissions

      In the last blog post, the basics of climate change and carbon were covered. In this post, I’d like to build on that by showing some quick calc...