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27 Jul Quantifying Carbon Emissions

  In the last blog post, the basics of climate change and carbon were covered. In this post, I’d like to build on that by showing some quick calculations to quantify carbon emissions from energy consumption. In the context of climate change, when we say carbon...

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By Adam Zyglis taken from the Buffalo News

15 Jul Climate Change and Carbon Emissions

  Editorial cartoon by Adam Zyglis taken from the Buffalo News Let’s get this fact out of the way: Climate change is real. It’s hard to imagine that in this day and age there are still people who deny the science behind climate change. Most deniers point to...

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green certifications

12 Jul LEED and Green Rating Systems

Green building rating systems or green building certifications such as America’s LEED, UK’s BREEAM and our own BERDE serve as third party verification of green projects. Unlike building codes, pursuing a certification is entirely voluntarily. The goal of these systems is to transform the market...

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sustainability plan

09 Jul Sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line

  Welcome to the first GreenSolutions blog entry! Every week, we’ll explore sustainability and recent trends in the world of green buildings. While most topics will be in the context of the built environment, we will periodically have posts which approach from other angles. Sustainability is defined...

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